Вадим Темкин (vmtcom) wrote,
Вадим Темкин

SIM Cards Have Finally Been Hacked, And The Flaw Could Affect Millions Of Phones - Forbes

For 8 years, when the quality of Java Card platform was my responsibility (first, as the one and only QA and release engineer, then as a manager of small QA team), I was repeating a mantra: "If somebody will find vulnerability of our system after we tested and released, it would become headline news." Well, this morning this picture and the linked Forbes article became a cover story on Flipboard. We made it!

Seriously, no matter that I left Sun 8 years ago, I read through the article dreading that there is an original design flaw, a zero-day vulnerability I might be blamed for. No. All the blame is on wrong implementations by manufacturers.

As a consolation prize for my horror was this: "two years ago there were 1 billion SIM cards worldwide, and today there are more than 5 billion". My work is part of the code which is used in more than 5,000,000,000 devices! Can any of my programmer-type friends (besides my former employees) claim that about their code?!
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