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Гугл 1992 (или Я стар - part 2)

Вчерашняя серия South Park - это фильм ужасов о том как кончился Интернет, про лагеря интернет-беженцев в Кремниевой Долине, и т.п.
Я тут продолжаю разбирать старые бумаги и нашел подшивку с надписью на торце «Internet Resource Guide». Открыл - это же Гугл образца 1992 года. Не поленился отсканировать оглавление. Под катом все интернет-ресурсы того времени.

Я помню, я тогда купил модем на 4800 (сначала я купил на 1200 за $50 но понял, что это слишком медленно, доплатил $100 и обменял). Был диалап на netcom.com и через эмулятор терминала можно было делать telnet к этому бесконечному количеству ресурсов на специальные порты, или использовать whois или gopher. Круто! Итак, весь интернет:

The Internet Resources Guide is compiled by the NSF Network Service Center (nnsc@nnsc.nsf.net) at BBN Systems and Technologies Corporation from contributions by members of the Internet community. This work is supported by a subcontract with the Univer¬sity Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) which operates under agreement with the National Science Foundation (NSF). The editors have made reasonable efforts to provide correct information, but neither UCAR, NSF, NNSC nor BBN is responsible for the accuracy of the listings in this guide. Copyright 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 BBN Systems and Technologies Corporation.
Chapter 1: Computational Resources
This section lists computational resources on the Internet. These are centers or particular machines that serve users with special computing requirements. A good example of such a resource is a supercomputer center.
1.1 The Air Force Supercomputer Center at Kirtland AFB, New Mexico [Jun89]
1.2 Cornell Theory Center, Cornell National Supercomputer Facility [Aug92]
1.3 [Discontinued] John von Neumann National Supercomputer Center [Jun92]
1.4 NCAR - National Center For Atmospheric Research [Oct92]
1.5 National Center for Supercomputing Applications [Jun89]
1.6 National Energy Research Supercomputer Center [Aug90]
1.7 NPAC - Northeast Parallel Architectures Center [Jun89]
1.8 OSC - Ohio Supercomputer Center [Sep92]
1.9 PSC - The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center [Feb92]
1.10 SDSC - San Diego Supercomputer Center [Jun89]
1.11 BRL - US Army Research Laboratory (Ballistic Research Lab) [Aug92]
1.12 Information Systems and Technology, University of California, Berkeley [Sep92]
1.13 SuperComputing Services, The University of Calgary [Sep89]
1.14 CERPASS - Center for Experimental Research in Parallel Algorithms, Software and Systems [Oct89]
1.15 CHPC - University of Texas System High Performance Computing [Sep92]
1.16 NCSC - North Carolina Supercomputing Center [Aug92]
1.17 Arizona State University Supercomputing Services [Jan91]
1.18 UCLA Office of Academic Computing [Mar90]
Chapter 2: Library Catalogs
A large number of libraries allow access to their library catalogs via the Internet, Such catalogs can be very useful for finding uncommon books not available at a local library. Once a book is located, it can often be borrowed by your local library through Interlibrary Loan. Another popular use of library catalogs is to check citations or references. Many catalogs also support more extended reference facilities.
Please note that on-line catalogs often have a limited number of ports. Users are asked not to abuse their access.
We would like to acknowledge the considerable assistance of Ron Larsen, Art St. George, and Joe St. Sauver in compiling this section.
2.1 Boston University Library Catalog [Aug92]
2.2 MELVYL (R) System - University of California Catalog [Aug92]
2.3 CARL - Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries [Jan90]
2.4 RLIN - Research Libraries Information Network [Aug90]
2.5 Florida Center for Library Automation [Ju189]
2.6 MIRLYN - Michigan Resource LibrarY Network [Ju192]
2.7 University of New Mexico Gateway [Jun89]
2.8 Emory University Libraries Online Public Access Catalog [Oct89]
2.9 MAGIC [Feb90]
2.10 Info-Lib [Feb90]
2.11 InfoTrax [Oct92]
2.12 ARLO - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs [Ju192]
2.13 Franklin - The Online Catalog of the University of Pennsylvania Library [Sep92]
2.14 NLS - University of Wisconsin, Madison and Milwaukee Campuses Network Library System [Feb91]
2.15 University of Utah Library Card Catalog System [Apr90]
2.16 LUIS - Northwestern University Online Catalog [Ju192]
2.17 URSUS - Holdings of the University of Maine System and Participating Libraries [Ju192]
2.18 NOTIS/LUIS - University of Illinois at Chicago [Jan92]
2.19 Cleveland Public Library Catalog [Jun90]
2.20 LIAS - Penn State University Library Information and Access System [Sep92]
2.21 HOLLIS - Harvard Online Library Information System [Aug92]
2.22 LCMARC - Cataloging Records from the Library of Congress [Aug92]
2.23 The Online Catalog, Princeton University Libraries [Ju192]
2.24 POLYCAT - The Online Catalog of the Kennedy Library [Jul92]
2.25 OASIS - University of Iowa Libraries [Aug92]
2.26 BUBL - The Bulletin Board for Libraries [Sep92]
2.27 WUGate Services - Washington University Library/Database Access System [Sep92]
Chapter 3: Data Archives
The Internet is home to a wide variety of data archives. In this section we try to list the more important and the more uncommon archives. In particular, we do not list archives of mailing lists, other than those that do software distributions. Such archives can be located by asking the maintainers of the mail lists.
3.1 GENE-SERVER [Aug92]
3.2 LiMB - Listing of Molecular Biology Databases [Aug92]
3.3 MEMDB - Medieval and Early Modem Data Bank. [Sep92]
3.4 Netlib Mathematical Software Distribution System [Jun90]
3.5 SIMBAD - Astronomical Data - US Gateway [Ju189]
3.6 SIMTEL20 - The Public Domain, Shareware, and Documentation Archives [Aug92]
3.7 SDDAS - Southwest Research Data Display & Analysis System [Apr92]
3.8 IBM Supercomputing Program Data Base [Jun89]
3.9 VxWorks Users Group Archive [Apr90]
3.10 Washington University Public Domain Archives [Jun89]
3.11 [Transferred] Matrix of Biological Knowledge Archive-Server [Sep90]
3.12 COSMIC - Software Distribution Center for NASA [Jun92]
3.13 IuBio Archive for Molecular and General Biology [Sep92]
3.14 PENpages [Ju192]
3.15 Dartmouth Dante Database [Apr90]
3.16 DDN Network Information Center SERVICE Mail Server [Jun90]
3.17 NICOLAS - The NASA Network Information Center [Oct92]
3.18 MATLAB User Group Archive [Sep90]
3.19 Statlib - Statistical Software and Data Distribution System [Mar91]
3.20 MBCRR - Molecular Biology Computer Research Resource [Apr91]
3.21 NED - NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database [Aug92]
3.22 INFO-SOUTH - Latin American Information System [Aug92]
3.23 UCAR/Unidata - An NSF-Funded Data Software Center for Universities [Aug92]
3.24 INFO - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill INFO Service [Mar91]
3.25 Archie - The McGill School of Computer Science Archive Server Listing Service [Apr91]
3.26 LADB - Latin America Data Base [Aug92]
3.27 NSF STIS - Science and Technology Information System [Jun92]
3.28 ICDL - Online Database of the International Center for Distance Learning [Sep92]
3.29 Bibliographic Mailserver for Artificial Intelligence Literature [Aug91]
3.30 General Accounting Office Reports [Aug91]
3.31 List of Lists [Aug91]
3.32 FEDIX and MOLIS - Federal Information Exchange (Dec91]
3.33 The University of Michigan Software Archives (Jun92]
3.34 Mid-RTTC - Mid-Continent Regional Technology Transfer Center (May92]
3.35 EMBL - Data Library Network Servers (Sep92]
3.36 ECIX - Energy and Climate Information Exchange File Distribution Service (Oct92]
Chapter 4: White Pages
The Internet supports several databases that contain basic information about users, such as e¬mail addresses, telephone numbers, and postal addresses. These databases can be searched to get information about particular individuals. Because they serve a function akin to the tele¬phone book, these databases are often referred to as "white pages."
4.1 NASA Ames Research Center Electronic Phone Book [Sep92]
4.2 DDN Network Information Center WHOIS Service [May90]
4.3 NYSERNet/PSI White Pages Pilot Project [May90]
4.4 [Discontinued] CREN/CSNET User Name Server "ns" [Jun92]
4.5 KIS - Knowbot Information Service [Sep92]
Chapter 5: Networks and Email Gateways
This section lists networks that are part of the Internet and email gateways to networks that are not part of the Internet.
5.1 CICNet [Jun89]
5.2 [Discontinued] CREN/CSNET - The Computer + Science Network [Jun92]
5.3 JvNCnet [Jan91]
5.4 LOS NETTOS - Los Angeles Area Regional Network [JuI92]
5.5 MRNet - The Minnesota Regional Network [Aug92]
5.6 NASAmail Gateway - SMTP to NASAmail Gateway [Sep92]
5.7 NCSAnet [Jun89]
5.8 NEARnet- New England Academic and Research Network [Oct92]
5.9 NSFNET - National Science Foundation Network [JuI92]
5.10 NYSERNet [JuI92]
5.11 Sesquinet [Jun89]
5.12 [Discontinued] USAN - University Satellite Network [Sep92] 5.13 Westnet [Jun89]
5.14 Los Alamos National Laboratory Integrated Computing Network [Aug89]
5.15 NASA Science Network [Aug89]
5.16 PREPnet - Pennsylvania Research and Economic Partnership Network [JuI92]
5.17 SURAnet [JuI92]
5.18 UUNET Communications Services [Aug89]
5.19 NORDUnet - The Nordic Backbone Network [Sep92]
5.20 [Discontinued] CMR - Commercial Mail Relay [Sep92]
5.21 Terrestrial Wideband Network [Sep89]
5.22 ICBNet [Nov89]
5.23 CONCERT Network [Sep92]
5.24 SWITCH - Swiss University and Research Network [May92]
5.25 NevadaNet [Jun92]
5.26 BARRNet [Aug90]
5.27 NWNet [Sep91]
5.28 SUNET [Jan90]
5.29 THEnet - The Texas Higher Education Network [Aug92] 5.30 ILAN [Mar90]
5.31 ESnet - Energy Services Network [Apr90] 5.32 WVNET [May90]
5.33 FidoNet Gateways [Jun92)
5.34 CERFNet - California Education and Research Federation Network [Jun92) 5.35 SprintMail X.400 Gateway [Sep90)
5.36 PSINet [Sep92)
5.37 MIDnet - A Midwestern Regional Network [Sep92) 5.38 SDSCnet [Feb91)
5.39 CSUNET - California State University Network [May91) 5.40 WiscNet [May91)
5.41 AARNet [Ju191)
5.42 UNlNETT - Norwegian Academic Data Network [Ju191) 5.43 ARNET - Argentine Science Network [Ju191)
5.44 TANet - The Taiwan Academic Network [Ju192)
5.45 OARnet - Ohio Academic Resources Network [Jun92)
5.46 MOREnet - the Missouri Research & Education Network [Sep92)
5.47 EMBnet - European Molecular Biology Network [Sep92)
5.48 HGMP-RC - UK Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre [Aug92)
Chapter 6: Network Information Centers
This chapter lists network information centers (NICs) for various networks and disciplines in the Internet. Note that some NICs offer important services which are listed in other chapters.
6.1 BITNET Network Information Center [Ju189]
6.2 NIC.DDN.MIL - DDN Network Information Center [Ju192]
6.3 NNSC - NSF Network Service Center [Oct92]
6.4 OCEANIC - Ocean Network Information Center [Jun89]
6.5 SPAN_NIC - SPAN Network Information Center Online Database System [Aug89]
6.6 [Discontinued] CSNET CIC - CREN/CSNET Coordination and Information Center [Jun92]
Chapter M: Miscellaneous Resources
This section lists diverse Internet resources which defied better categorization.
M.1 Linotype Postscript Typesetter [Jun89]
M.2 CIAC - DOE Computer Incident Advisory Capability [Sep92]
M.3 Geographic Name Server [Apr90]
M.4 OSIS Integrated Circuit Fabrication Service [JuI92]
M.5 NEST - Columbia University's Network Simulation Tool [Sep92]
M.6 PROPHET - NIH Sponsored Software Package for Biomedical Besearchers [Nov89]
M.7 FAST - A Computer Network Broker for Standard Electronic Parts [Ju192]
M.8 VAX Book [Sep92]
M.9 CAOS/CAMM Center - Dutch Expertise Center for Computer Assisted Chemistry [Sep92]
M.10 CancerNet - Mail Server Providing Cancer Information from NCI [Sep92]
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